Why are Kids Hoarding White Glue?

There’s no doubt that many kids are obsessed with slime. Kids buy white glue and Borax all the time to make their own slime. However, is this practice safe? Is it something that you would let your kids do? Is playing with slime safe? 


Making slime has become a DIY science project for a lot of kids. If you run to a store and ask for white glue and they say that they just run out of it, then you can assume that kids are at fault. They’re making slimes and nothing can stop them!  

How Slimes are Done  

Kids can easily make their own slime, thanks to the countless of YouTube and Instagram instructional videos that are available online. Teens are actually adding their own variations of slime. They’re adding other stuff to it, like glitter, beads, and coloring.  

But that’s not all that they do. Once they’re done making their slime, they go ahead make their own videos when they poke the slime pulling, popping, and poking these colorful concoctions. Some even go out of their way and sell the lime that they made to other kids.  

Why is Slime Popular? 

Slime is getting more and more popular these days. In fact, a lot of kids that are not interested in buying one are hoarding them. Some collect slime of different colors, types, and consistency. There’s really something about slime that kids, and sometimes even adults, can’t get enough of.  

The problem now is the difficulty with the source of glue when you really need it. Maybe it’s time to tell the kids that they don’t always need glue to make slime. There are cheap slime available out there that may possibly come without it.  

Is Slime Safe? 

Making and playing with slime is generally safe for as long as you’re using the right chemicals. Borax so something that kids shouldn’t play with. It’s definitely not a toy. If they keep on using Borax and in large quantities, they might develop skin allergies.  

There are slimes that don’t have Borax. There are other ingredients that can be used instead of Borax and that’s what kids should be using. But then again, kids are better off buying already-made slime instead of making them because they may possibly inhale the Borax while doing the science project and that’s yet another cause for alarm.  

Safety with Play Slime  

Playing with slime is a fun activity. Even adults are caught playing with it because squishing that gooey substance between your fingers is simply relaxing. But it isn’t a toy for very young kids who are at the risk of ingesting it. While it’s not toxic, it’s not pleasant either.  

It is the parent’s decision whether to let their children play with slime or not, let alone make one in large batches. While you don’t want to take away your child’s enjoyment to make their own slime and play with it, it’s best that you supervise them when they do. That way, you can personally assure their safety.  

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What makes an online food delivery different from the others?

As we all know there is a lot of food business that is available online or on call because there is a lot sometimes it is hard for us to choose who can really deliver the best services. It is important that the food delivery business would also have the best qualities for the growth of their business and customers. Food delivery Edmonton provides that qualities that are listed below.

Informational – the online food delivery business should be informational from the instructions on how to process the other, payment, and waiting time everything should be posted on their site. They should also have a picture, description, and price on their menu so customers will find it easy to order what they want to eat. The prices should really match and is clear about any fee so that you won’t be losing the customer trust. Inaccurate information will really lead to dissatisfied customers. They will think that you are not trustworthy and they are less likely to order again.

Simple and Easy – ordering online shouldn’t be complicated the website or the way to contact the business should be quick and easy so that customers wouldn’t lose their interest in ordering food and payment should be easy on the online system and not complicated as well customers don’t want to wait and fill out a lot of things for too long especially when they are hungry. Everything should be simple, easy and gives a customer a smooth flow in ordering their food.

Time of delivery – it is important that when a customer orders a food you provide the exact wait time of the customer. They order food delivery for a reason they might have important events, too lazy to cook, or hungry that is why it is important to deliver their request at a timely manner it should be on or before the estimated time. Speed is important so customers can be satisfied with your service.

Payment – a great online food delivery should have a lot of payment options for the customer in case that the customer is having a problem with their credit cards online the business should have other methods like paying through the case so that it would be easy and convenient for the customer

Security – customers that are ordering online should feel secure in entering their payment information or other pieces of information like their addresses or names it is important that you create a website that it protects customer information’s and also has terms and conditions so that the customer would not hesitate to order from your website.

Good communication – when customers call the business it is important to provide good communication to the customer and answer their questions respectfully and nicely it is important to respond to their needs quickly to provide good service to the customer.

Quality of food – this is the most important reason why the customers go back for your food delivery service if the food is delicious, presentable, healthy, fresh, and clean. It is important to provide the customer with a great quality of food so that they will keep coming back for more.

Great customer experience – if the customer is overall satisfied with the food and service there is no wonder if they will spread a good word and they will keep coming back for more. This will increase the number of your customers for a long time that is why it is best to provide great service to the customers.

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How to Hire a Reputable Dumpster Rental Company

How to Hire a Reputable Dumpster Rental Company

Dumpster rentals are required if you want to do junk removal efficiently. You’ll need it if you were doing thorough spring cleaning, home construction, or a demolition project. However, renting a dumpster is not as easy as it seems. Here are some tips to help you find the right company. When hiring a dumpster rental company, it is strongly suggested that you choose them according to:


1. Local

Dumpster companies charge by the distance of their garage to yours and distance of your home to the nearest landfill. This is why you have to hire locally. You’re going to save a lot on fuel charges that way. Furthermore, local companies know more about the local laws about waste disposal and recycling.

2. Efficient

Quality is something that you should never compromise when hiring service providers to do any task. Find dumpster rental companies that observe proper disposal of their load. They should know how to dispose of anything that you place in their dumpster. This means that they should work with recycling companies in your area, too.

3. Cost Effective

Sometimes, the pricing used for dumpster rental is very difficult to understand. This shouldn’t be the case. They should be straightforward and simple for everyone. Some companies may charge by weight, which is actually very difficult to estimate. If you hire these companies, then high are the chances that you’ll pay for more than you have expected.

4. Honest

Honesty is still the best policy. Be sure that the company that you hire doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Sometimes, these extra charges come in the form of hours, mileage, and penalties. Your dumpster rental company must talk to you about extra charges and quality of work up front so you know exactly what to expect. Everything should be put down in writing to protect both of your interests.

5. Prompt

The prompt pick-up and delivery of the dumpster is a very important consideration. If anything, this shows how the dumpster company works. Promptness allows you to create a plan and stick to it throughout the project. For starters, the dumpster rental company should provide you with a dumpster within 24 hours.

6. Fast

Aside from punctuality, you’ll also benefit from the dumpster company’s fast service. Aside from providing you with a dumpster within 24 hours, they should also allow you to pick up the full dumpster on the very same day you called. The more they can accommodate your requests, the more qualified they are to provide you with a service.

7. Reputable

The last thing that you should check about the dumpster company you’re hiring is their reputation. Go out of your way to know more about the background of the company. Ask about them and read unbiased customer reviews. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau to make sure that they’re credible.

It’s quite easy to find the best dumpster rental Houston TX if you simply follow all these tips above. Do dumpster rental right and you’ll be able to complete your home improvement project with ease.

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Looking at the green side of your house like garden or a small area where you could see the grass and the plants growing could be a very good sign of a healthy environment and living lifestyle. There are many professional people who can take care of it very well and give the very best to make it even better than before. They can also help you with the sod installation Boston if you needed their help. Here are some of the ways to properly take care of your lawn on your own if you are on a tight budget because we all know that hiring someone for this could be very expensive but if you have time then that is a good thing as you don’t need to exert too much effort and energy in giving care for this.

1. Make sure that you are supplying it with enough water. Having too much hot temperature in your area would result to drying of the grasses and plants on your lawn. You can do this every morning and afternoon as it would not be too hot to spray some water to them. You may also install sprinklers to help you save your time from using the hose and water your lawn. You also have to know if what kind of soil does your lawn have in order to prevent from giving too much water to them as you don’t want to waste water as well. If you don’t have any idea about how dry the soil or the place is, then you can dig a small area on the side part of your lawn. Check that one out and this will be your basis if they need more water.

2. Since grasses would not give you great benefits, then you could try to cut or trim them down. Mowing is the process of cutting the tall and higher grasses into a smaller one. You can hire someone to this or you may contact some service companies doing this. It would take time doing this if you don’t have the machine. So, you better get one as you would not spend your money buying the machine that is use for this kind of clearing the grasses on your area.

3. If you have some growing plants in your lawn area. Then, it is a good idea to give them fertilizers. You may research for the best one to use and the one that is locally available in your area. It is a nice idea as well that you will get an organic kind of fertilizer. If you are going to use the commercial one and it needs extra care as you don’t want to put too much in it.

4. Aside from the three important rules in taking care. You also need to pay attention in removing some dry leaves there. You may use a rake or other ways just to remove it. Look for those area that needs more attention.

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How to Find Affordable Wedding Photographers in Miami

For every couple who wants to have their best memories captured, getting the best wedding photographer in Miami is vital. However, this can be quite costly. But don’t worry. There are many ways to find affordable wedding photographers in Miami. We’ll help you along a helpful way to mix bitcoins the way so that you can still get the best wedding photos while staying within your budget.

One of the first steps that you should do when talking to potential photographers for your wedding is telling them your budget up front. There are photographers who post their prices on their sites. There are also others who can customizes the prices depending on the needs of the client. In most cases, the photographers are willing to make some tweaks to their package so that it will fit your budget while still meeting your needs.

Tips to Save Money

Start by choosing the most affordable package that goes with the price you have in mind. You can then ask the photographer if you can have some extras such as canvas prints or engagement photo shoots. This way, you have control over the services that you want to be provided to you.

Another tip to save money is to arrange with them to take photos of the wedding ceremony itself. As for the reception and other events after the wedding, these can be covered by smartphone cameras. You may also buy the prints and albums on a later date so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money all at once. Finding a service that can independently print your photos is also an option.

Help Boost their Reputation or Refer Them to Your Friends

In our digital age, we rely on reviews we find on the web. Talk to your wedding photographer about giving them a good review on your blog, website, or on review sites. They might be more inclined to give you a discount if you do this. Also, you can refer your friends to them, that will help their business and strengthen the business relationship you have with them as well. This cultivates trust and again, it may be easier to ask for a discount.

Try Getting a Newbie

Expert photographers who have made a name for themselves can be expected to rate higher that newbies. Don’t be afraid to try a photographer who just started to professionally offer his or her services. These wedding photographers will most likely be willing to talk to you about the pricing. And even if they are new, that doesn’t mean they’re new to the craft. They could have been taking photos for a long time but only decided to go pro recently. They surely have a portfolio that can prove this. So, give them a try.


What do you think about these tips? As you know, if you can afford having the best wedding photographer in Miami, then go for it. Every couple deserves to have their wonderful moments captured by the best. But if you really have to cut down on your budget, the tips above will help you in finding affordable wedding photographers in Miami.

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