There’s no doubt that many kids are obsessed with slime. Kids buy white glue and Borax all the time to make their own slime. However, is this practice safe? Is it something that you would let your kids do? Is playing with slime safe? 


Making slime has become a DIY science project for a lot of kids. If you run to a store and ask for white glue and they say that they just run out of it, then you can assume that kids are at fault. They’re making slimes and nothing can stop them!  

How Slimes are Done  

Kids can easily make their own slime, thanks to the countless of YouTube and Instagram instructional videos that are available online. Teens are actually adding their own variations of slime. They’re adding other stuff to it, like glitter, beads, and coloring.  

But that’s not all that they do. Once they’re done making their slime, they go ahead make their own videos when they poke the slime pulling, popping, and poking these colorful concoctions. Some even go out of their way and sell the lime that they made to other kids.  

Why is Slime Popular? 

Slime is getting more and more popular these days. In fact, a lot of kids that are not interested in buying one are hoarding them. Some collect slime of different colors, types, and consistency. There’s really something about slime that kids, and sometimes even adults, can’t get enough of.  

The problem now is the difficulty with the source of glue when you really need it. Maybe it’s time to tell the kids that they don’t always need glue to make slime. There are cheap slime available out there that may possibly come without it.  

Is Slime Safe? 

Making and playing with slime is generally safe for as long as you’re using the right chemicals. Borax so something that kids shouldn’t play with. It’s definitely not a toy. If they keep on using Borax and in large quantities, they might develop skin allergies.  

There are slimes that don’t have Borax. There are other ingredients that can be used instead of Borax and that’s what kids should be using. But then again, kids are better off buying already-made slime instead of making them because they may possibly inhale the Borax while doing the science project and that’s yet another cause for alarm.  

Safety with Play Slime  

Playing with slime is a fun activity. Even adults are caught playing with it because squishing that gooey substance between your fingers is simply relaxing. But it isn’t a toy for very young kids who are at the risk of ingesting it. While it’s not toxic, it’s not pleasant either.  

It is the parent’s decision whether to let their children play with slime or not, let alone make one in large batches. While you don’t want to take away your child’s enjoyment to make their own slime and play with it, it’s best that you supervise them when they do. That way, you can personally assure their safety.